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Commentary on the ferderal procurement act 2006

J. Schramm, J. Aicher, M. Fruhmann, R. Thienel (Hrsg.)

52 well-known experts in procurement law from academia and the legal practice were involved in this standard work, thus making the fully revised second edition of the commentary an indispensable tool for anyone concerned with this area. The regulations of the Federal Procurement Act as well as all decisions of national and European jurisdiction are penetratingly elucidated on over 5,000 pages. Moreover, numerous case studies facilitate the work in procurement law for contracting authorities as well as for contractors.
The commentary at hand is one of a kind in the field of procurement law literature in Austria and, therefore, an essential companion for everyone working with procurement law.

2nd fully revised edition
Circa 5,000 pages (in 6 folders).
Loose-leaf edition circa €898.-


Editors: Josef Aicher, Michael Holoubek, Karl Korinek, Johannes Schramm, Bernt Elsner, Michael Fruhmann, Rudolf Lessiak ?
Editorship: Josef Aicher, Johannes Schramm ?
Publisher: Manz


  • ZVB-Aktuell (short articles on recent developments in procurement and construction contract law)
  • Articles (comprehensive articles on all issues of procurement and construction contract law)
  • ZVB-Leitsatzkartei (guiding principles from recent decisions on federal or federal state procurement law)
  • Jurisdiction (articles on recent decisions)

11 issues p.a. (double issue in summer)


Statutes of procurement law
As per March 5th, 2010

This collection of Austrian and European law contains all relevant regulations on a national and European level as per March 5th, 2010. The law amendment of 2009 to the Federal Procurement Act 2006 has fully been taken into account. German edition.

  • Consolidated version of the Federal Procurement Act  2006

  • New Overall Charge Regulation 2010

  • Threshold Regulation 2009
    Consolidated versions of the Procurement Protection Acts of the Federal States

  • Procurement law-related penal regulations

  • Procurement law-related regulations in trade law (GewO), General Social Insurance Act (ASVG), the Federal Act on the Employment of Foreigners (AuslBG) etc.

  • EC Allocation Guidelines
    Current EC Threshold Regulation

  • and many more

Matthias Öhler/Johannes Schramm/Dagmar Malin

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